Elevating Art that
Amplifies the Kingdom

that Heaven would permeate Earth

What we do

Celebrating the creativity that flows from heaven

We create because we are made in the image of the Creator. The Beauty of ONE honors how His body diversely expresses Kingdom truths through art. The main avenue for that currently is through our Instagram feed.

Discover more of God

We're excited to see the role of creativity become much more apparent in this age, as the world continues to shift in understanding and beliefs - from works-based to identity-based.

Elevate your atmosphere

Discover Spirit-infused art for your space that connects with and encourages your heart daily and the hearts of all who encounter it. Be inspired in your spiritual life and personal creativity by what is shared in our feeds.

Spread light

Our goal is to work together as the Body to bring the authority of Heaven to atmospheres of darkness through the arts and funds raised by art.

why we do it

That Heaven would permeate Earth...

As God's Body, we have a very important job to do here on Earth and we believe that just as God's work from the beginning has been to create, so ours is as well. Art has been highly underestimated and underappreciated by the majority for many ages, but the incredible power and influence it has will become more and more apparent in this age. May the Sons of God be forerunners in this field.

who we are


We're a husband/wife team - married in 2004 and exploring many spiritual, relational, and entrepreneurial ideas together ever since. The Beauty of ONE, has evolved over the years from what was originally meant to showcase things we created together, into the bigger concept of ONE that is all of humankind learning and operating out of its true identity as the Body of God.

We look forward to seeing many more faces on this site!

You can follow more of our personal journey and art at TicoandTina.com and connect with us on all the socials @ticoandtina

Contact us with any questions or business inquiries and to let us know about art and artists we should follow!

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